Cseh Laszlo & Ryan Lochte training

Two great olympian training together. Laszlo is from Hungary, he is a five time Olympic medalist, and 27 time European Champion. Ryan, you all know, he is an 11 time Olympic medalist. This was a special practice, the first time they’ve worked together. Lighting at an indoor pool is not ideal, I knew I’d have to fight for “reach” and for ISO. I’ve shot the Modern Pentathlon Olympic Qualifiers a few years ago, but not a whole lot of swimming otherwise. For reach I had my 2.8 300 mm and two teleconverters, 1.4 & 2x, effective focal length 420 and 600 mm respectively. All these options have been used. The only other lenses I ended up using , were the 24-70 and the 70-200. ISO was usually between 4000 and 6400, yep, that’s pretty high. AF is another challenge, splashing water droplets, very shallow DOF etc. There were a few more high caliber swimmers in the group, both male and female, from all over the World. It was a pleasure to see these athletes work and train. It’s amazing how the body forms to the use, of course similarities at the first glance to ballet dancers, but subtle differences otherwise. Fine tuned machines nonetheless. And that’s just a skin deep observation, the real thing is in the inner parts. The lungs and the heart. Take one exercise, when only the legs can engage ( we all do that at our YMCA’s at times, so no big deal ), but in this case, one athlete pushes the other under water. It’s like an underwater train. I imagine it’s the difference of running a 100 meters or running a 100 meters with your buddy on your shoulder. Let me know what are your favorites, especially from the Ryan close ups, there were a couple of similar ones, I’ve included. Here is “the train, Ryan is pushing Laszlo under water for about half the length of the 50m pool: 140327Cseh-78 Laszlo: 140327Cseh-150 MMXII: 140327Cseh-157 Tattoo Nr. 2: Also notable how relaxed the whole arm is, all the way to the fingers. Whatever I inspect at a top level, be it Formula 1, Olympic fencing or such, the better one gets, to more the ability to relax muscles plays a role. 140327Cseh-248 The coaches: 140327Cseh-288 Laszlo: 140327Cseh-368 140327Cseh-465 Ryan: ( What’s your favorite, or what would you leave out ) Reflection: 140327Cseh-689 Headpiece: 140327Cseh-694   140327Cseh-729   140327Cseh-596 Interesting how water envelopes and coats everything expect the nose and mouth: 140327Cseh-581   140327Cseh-537   140327Cseh-621 In-between waves: 140327Cseh-657 After practice is over: 140327Cseh-769

Arad, Romania 1989 winter – Revolution

Shot from a Russian tank during the uprising. I was shooting for a weekly newspaper back then.

As I reflect today, when so much is going on and is at stake in the Ukraine. Just like Romania, Ukraine is also bordering with Hungary. Would I live still in Budapest, I think I would be there in the Ukraine shooting, reporting.Arad1989web